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PNW Vets | Fisher Place Pathway Restoration

The Mission Continues has partnered with the Rainier Beach Action Coalition, Rainier Beach: A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth, Rainier Beach Safeway, Rainier Beach Community, the Rainier Beach Merchants Association, Rainier Beach Emergency Hub and Rainier Beach Community Club. This is just the second project in a long term relationship with Seattle 1st Platoon and its partners. Together, through service and support projects, we will work hand and hand with Rainier Beach neighbors on a variety of neighborhood improvement projects in the remaining part of this year and throughout 2016.

Operation: Fisher Place Restoration

On January 16th, Seattle 1st Platoon and community partners will be restoring the Fisher Place Pathway. We will be laying gravel along the pathway while making the area between Mapes and Fisher Pathway more accessible. We will also be removing brush and debris along the path.


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