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PNW Vets | PNW Veterans Coalition

PNW Veterans Coalition

We are a network of Veterans, Veteran family members, and supporters that are focused on improving the quality of Veterans support throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We leverage the work of highly effective Veterans advocates and community creators to make big ideas possible.

Our Work

Industry Coordination

With over 200 organizations dedicated to supporting Veterans in the Pacific Northwest, we are the only organization focused on engaging and facilitating discussions on Veterans issues across county and state lines. Take a look at our Calendar to see what's coming up next!


Federal programs, State program, County programs, big business & small, public relations and policy. We are dedicated to helping Veterans in all areas. Including enabling them to be a voice in discussions that impact them.


The next big idea may very possibly come from someone outside the Veterans service industry. We believe that pursuing ideas with verve and enthusiasm is perhaps the best community building tool. Let's do something crazy and build a community of Veterans while we do it.

Up Next

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