You might be wondering why you, as a Veteran, should use eBenefits. That’s actually a simple answer. It offers a great alternative to calling the 1-800 number. Further, you have quicker access to your medical records. With eBenefits you can see what is going on with your VA Disability Claim, and you can even file for benefits by way of the site.  Honestly, from my personal experience, it is better than it used to be. It’s not flawless, but it works well enough for what most people need it to do. When I first started using ebenefits, my biggest complaint was that it was not very accurate and the status of a case was rarely updated. Now it’s not as much of an issue. It’s not completely without issue, but it’s getting there.

So, why am I telling you about eBenefits? Honestly, I have a vested interest in this site because it is helpful for what I do for clients and it has helped me also. Too often I encounter Veterans who aren’t aware of the status of their case. Well, with eBenefits a Veteran can get all of the up to date information needed to determine eligibility for their claim. This includes the status of their claim, their percentages, and what disabilities they have applied for in the past. So, if you want to get some answers a little quicker from the VA, check out the VA eBenefits site. It’s free, works pretty well, and can be pretty helpful.

-Cj Cutts